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Machine Quilting Service

Those of you that are familiar with me will know that my biggest passion is machine quilting. Previously I have been offering a very limited machine quilting service using a domestic sewing machine.

I am very pleased that I am now able to offer a full Professional Long Arm Machine Quilting Service using a Gammill Classic Plus machine.

If you require a quilt to be professionally quilted you can contact me through my website or email direct at, phone the Studio on 07 8473692 or pop into the Studio.


Charge is by the square foot. To work out the area of your quilt measure the quilt top to find the length and width in inches then follow the example below substituting your dimensions.

  • 80 inches x 90 inches = 7200sq. inches 
  • 7200 sq. in. ÷ 144 sq. in. = 50 sq.ft
  • 50 sq.ft. x $5.00 =$250.00

Freehand Custom All Over Quilting from $5.00 per sq. foot

The quilting is done freehand using designs to enhance the quilt. This may include meandering, stippling, background fills, echoing or feathering etc.

Custom Plus Quilting from $5.50 per sq. foot

Quilting designs are chosen to fit specific areas like blocks, borders and sashes, to enhance the piecework of the quilt and will often include – Outlining, Stippling, Micro Stippling, background fills, and placing designs in Borders, Sashes, and blocks. This type of quilting requires skill and experience and can be very time consuming.

  • Minimum Price: $65.00


Polyester, Natural Wool, 80/20 Cotton/Polyester, 100% cotton.


A large range of 2.4m and 2.8m wide 100% cotton backing fabrics. These range in price from $20 to $35 per metre.

Quilt Preparation

To help get the best results from the quilting here are some useful tips:

  • There is no need to pin or baste the layers together.
  • The backing and batting must be 3-4 inches larger than the quilt on all sides. That is a total of 6-8 inches larger allover than your quilt top.
  • Remove selvedges before joining backing fabric. Use a ½ inch seam and press open. An extra charge may be incurred if backing is not joined together.
  • Please ensure that all four sides of both pieces are straight and fully assembled. Remove any loose threads from quilt top.
  • The colour of thread to be used will be determined by the quilt top. Consider the colour and patterns of your backing fabric as the same thread is normally used in the bobbin, so a busy backing fabric may be needed to disguise the stitching of custom quilting. Thread colour will show much more on a plain or contrasting backing.
  • Consider the intended use for the quilt when selecting batting. Polyester is a good all round batting that accommodates repeated washing. Wool is warm and light weight but requires careful washing. Cotton/polyester is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Please allow plenty of time to send your quilt to be quilted and returned to you and inform the quilter if you need it by a particular date.