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Machingers™ Quilting Gloves


  • Fully coated fingertips for excellent grip with less resistance and drag on fabric. No coating on palm allows skin to breathe in cool comfort.
  • Made of nylon knit. True support glove, comfortable enough to wear for hours.  And because they're nylon, threads don't stick.
  • Seamless design gives freedom to use fingertips or full hand surface for quilting.

Machingers are available in four sizes—XS, S/M, M/L and XL. 
To approximate size, measure from the base of your palm (where your hand meets your wrist) to the tip of your middle finger. 

XS is < 6.25" 

S/M is 6.25” to 7" 

M/L is 7” to 7.75" 

XL is > 7.75"

Machingers™ Quilting Gloves
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  • Machingers™ Quilting Gloves